Friday, November 24, 2017

Broken pencil poetry. You thief!

If you rehearse it... you are a thief.

You thief!
24 Nov 2017

Walk this way
On your synapses,
From one neuron
To the next,
On your way
Through your own dreams.

Have you left breadcrumbs
On your path
To your imagination?
Have you picked all the locks?
Jumped all the fences?

You thief!

You are treading carefully,
Wobbling on the tightrope -
You have rehearsed this so thoroughly,
Why are you so afraid
To perform
Without a safety net?

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Bitesize fiction. With a pinch of salt. Part 3

First Officer's log, stardate 20150706

The Salinians have given us a warm reception and we were given the chance to admire the salt caves. The caves ran deep throughout the planet's crust and held inside them houses, commercial and educational centers and even underground lakes. The Salinians have built themselves a home in these tunnels, leaving room enough for the indigenous plant and animal life, as little as it was, to continue living undisturbed. There was room enough for everyone.

We admired the view of one of their leisure centers from the promenade.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Bitesize fiction. Taxi telenovela

The yellow car stops in front of me as I wave my phone to make the driver understand that it was I who had placed the order.

I get in the back seat with my luggage, mechanically confirm my name and give the driver the address. I sit back, relieved to be out of the cold.

The cabbie drives off and resumes his phone conversation without paying me any more mind. I really don't like it when the driver talks on the phone. At least he's using a hands-free device. Hey, it could be worse... he could be trying to make small talk.

Saturday, April 29, 2017


Ogres are like onions...

All of us are like ogres too. No, we don't stink. Well, not all of us... not all the time.

But we are like ogres, as in, we have layers. Like onions. Or cakes, because not everybody likes onions.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Broken pencil poetry. Shattered

Frustration is one of the strongest emotions I have felt. It is both the cause and the effect of passion, anger, fear, recklessness... among others.

It is one horrible hurricane that blinds and binds. That is why I often find it so hard to convey it in a coherent form. It will simply appear as a misarticulated mess. Shift+Del.

I think I finally have a vague rendition of this feeling...

6 Jan 2017

The little glass marbles
All roll out on the floor,
Hiding in corners, under the bed, in a crack in the floor.
Look at your hand -
They're all gone,
But one, one more...

Stuck in your head,
It grows like a pearl from a grain of sand,
Like a hurricane,
Like a star.
It's a scream caught in your throat,
Burning your lungs,
Exploding from your ribcage,
Out in the sky.

You close your eyes
And wish that you could close your ears
So you'd no longer hear
The silence that follows.
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